Hurricane Harvey

Houston was put through hell last week. Homes were destroyed, lives were lost, and water still covers parts of the city right now. I heard a lot of stories from friends on their terrifying experiences during the storm.. watching the water slowly rise from the ground up to their chest within only a couple hours, refrigerators toppling over and pinning people in the rushing water, families getting rescued via boat or airlifted from homes.

My mother recounted what happened to her friend during the storm. She left her two dogs at home (a home that had never experienced a flood) to move furniture to higher ground at her son’s home (he was out of town and lived in a flood zone). The rising water eventually trapped her there, and she had no way to get back to her dogs. She desperately sent out an SOS online and made calls for anyone to stop by her house and save her dogs, but the first responders were out saving human lives first. They eventually made it to the dogs, but only one of them survived. I can only imagine the terror and loneliness that dog went through before he drowned, and it hurts my heart so badly. What about all the homeless dogs in Houston? How many of them also went through that?

For everyone who has already donated and helped out and are still helping those in need, thank you so so so much for your generosity and selflessness. If you are still looking for ways to give, please consider donating to an animal shelter and save a furry life.

Houston Pets Alive!

K-9 Angels Rescue

Adore Houston

Lola’s Lucky Day

Joyrides Rescue

Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward

Thanks to my friend, Laura, for helping with this list.

"Houston" by Mari Andrew @bymariandrew
“Houston” by Mari Andrew @bymariandrew

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