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When I think about traveling– places I’ve been and places I’d love to visit, I still think about my incredible trip to Japan. From the extraordinary food and welcoming hospitality, to the impressive blend of traditional and modern culture and the natural beauty of the country, Japan is unlike any other place. I’ve traveled to this amazing country numerous times, but this trip in particular was the most memorable because it started with the best flight and crew at @allnipponairways_official. Thank you @allnipponairways_official for being a part of my favorite memory. I’m dreaming of the day I go back to Japan! #DreamingOfJapan #Partner

📍: Japan via @allnipponairways_official
📷: #thehungrypetite

Mini eclairs from the Andaz Tokyo Pastry Shop, and view of the Tokyo Tower from our room

ANA First Class. The best flying experience of my life, using a lifetime of credit card points to purchase this flight.

Food and fun around Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka

Wagyumafia sando. The most expensive sandwich I’ve had.
Toraya Cafe An Stand – Shinjuku. Kakigōri with strawberry jam and Azuki bean paste.
Cremia. The BEST soft serve in the world.
Daily Chico 4 layer ice cream. They have the famous 8 layer one, but I decided not to live my best life and got the 4 layer instead. Still regret it to this day. Best of these flavors was the ramune soda (blue layer).
5am on a sunny Tokyo morning wearing the Andaz Tokyo yukata
At Fushimi Inari-taisha. Go EARLY to avoid crowds.

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